He’s virtually cycled to the Ashes

Oli Broom is officially 128 kms from Brisbane with two days to make it to the Gabba, so he’s laughing. 14 months after setting off from Lord’s, his trip is almost over. It was great to see him again tonight, almost a year since I left him in Istanbul. He looks a little more weathered, but there’s still a bit of a belly there. I’ve got a great video of him putting on a useless Aussie accent to plead for donations to his charities (the Lord’s Taverners and BNRT) which I’ll try and post tomorrow – he also gave a great speech to assembled journalists tonight and was then promptly collared by Geoff Miller and Hugh Morris. That’s certainly the last time he’ll attract the attention of the England selectors.

The lad posing camply in the green t-shirt with him is Laslzo Jozsa, who has loyally filmed Oli on and off since meeting him in Budapest a year ago. He has postponed his honeymoon to make this trip – his wife flies out tomorrow for some well deserved time away from the Oli Broom project, after the first day at the Gabba of course.

I’m going out to join Oli (in a car) while he cycles the final stage of his journey into the Gabba on Wednesday morning.


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