The end of the road

Thanks to the wonders of mobile broadband this blog comes to you live from the back of a Vauxhall Astra. We’re doing about 25 km/h behind the Buckinghamshire Bullet, Oli Broom as he cycles the last 48 of his 25,000 km to the Gabba.

Oli left Rosewood, a small town outside Ipswich, at 7.50 am this morning, needing to get to the Gabba in time for a 1pm photocall with England captain Andrew Strauss. If we don’t slow him down too much with constant filming breaks he might just make it. Coincidentally Oli and Strauss were schoolboys at Caldicott and Radley schools at the same time, albeit four years apart, and their cricket master from Caldicott days has made the trip to Brisbane to witness this unlikely reunion.

Also there will be Oli’s parents Alistair and Barbara, who he hasn’t seen since December. He spoke to them from a Rosewood greasy spoon this morning and it was obvious this afternoon will be an emotional time for all concerned. I hope Oli changes first though, he’s wearing a pair of battered black cycling shorts that are dangerously close to disintegration.

So after 14 months Oli is almost out of road. His final leg is being constantly interrupted for phone interviews, and I hope he gets some time to himself in these final kilometres to come to terms with the end of what has been a mammoth solo voyage.


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