The Gabba, day three, pics and stuff

In a press box seating several generations of hacks, it is impossible not to notice the differing attitudes to social media. You could say Twitter isn’t to everyone’s taste.

Monty was in action in the warm-up again, and despite one belter he was still on top flooring form.

Kevin Rudd and Geoff Boycott pose with a Chinese delegate

Aussie PM Kevin Rudd rarely misses a photo opportunity and made a bizarre press box appearance to pose with Geoffrey Boycott and the mayor of China’s Cheng Du City, Ge Honglin. Geoffrey’s first words? “ China? I made a hundred in Hong Kong once”.

At midnight of the second evening Merv Hughes was heard predicting an Aussie innings victory if Hussey and Haddin survived the first session. With a lead of 200 still intact, stranger things have happened.

A quick look at the morning headlines here…


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